Books Published


Flip Flip Flo, the Know-It-All
©2010 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio
The story of a sweet smarty-pants who longs for shoeless summers. When school starts, Flo can’t bear to part with her flip flops, but a mishap on the playground teaches Flo that flip flops are for summer and shoes are for school. The book is a rhyming read-aloud story best suited for children ages 2-6.
“Flip Flop Flo is an adorable character based on my own daughter and the charming things she said as a little girl,” explains Gloria Rosanio, author. “The book sends a strong message to children about school safety but does so in a fun and colorful way.”


Thomas, Berkley and the Missing Socks
©2012 By Abby Kragh, illustrations by Jim Rosanio
“What happens when you take a boy detective, his brand new puppy, and a pair of missing lucky socks together? One silly case with a tail-wagging adventure!”

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Pedro’s Hungry Ride

©2013 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio

Pedro’s bike search for a healthy snack leads him to school, the mayor’s office and the local grocery store, but there are no fruits and vegetables to be found. When Pedro glues his mouth shut in protest, his teacher, mayor and grocer join together to help Pedro learn how to grow healthy snacks of his own. Many children like Pedro live in places called food deserts where there are no stores in their neighborhoods that sell healthy food.  Pedro’s story shows what one community without fruits and vegetables did to change that.


Allie’s First Halloween on Earth

©2018 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio

While trick-or-treating for the first time on Earth, Allie stumbles into a Halloween party where the strangest creatures appear. What’s worse, they all think Allie is wearing a costume.
Allie doesn’t understand what’s happening on this odd planet. The creatures don’t believe Allie is just being Allie’s alien self. Everyone is confused about what’s real. Thankfully, the Talking Fish is there to help.



  1. It’s been a great year with the debut of “Pedro’s Hungry Ride.” Plans for 2014 include translation of the book into Spanish to reach more children, and more events and book giveaways.


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