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Flip Flip Flo, the Know-It-All

©2010 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio

The story of a sweet smarty-pants who longs for shoeless summers. When school starts, Flo can’t bear to part with her flip flops, but a mishap on the playground teaches Flo that flip flops are for summer and shoes are for school. The book is a rhyming read-aloud story.

Pedro’s Hungry Ride

©2013 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio

Pedro’s bike search for a healthy snack leads him to school, the mayor’s office and the local grocery store, but there are no fruits and vegetables to be found. When Pedro glues his mouth shut in protest, his teacher, mayor and grocer join together to help Pedro learn how to grow healthy snacks of his own. Many children like Pedro live in places called food deserts where there are no stores in their neighborhoods that sell healthy food. Pedro’s story shows what one community without fruits and vegetables did to change that.

Eat to Roar

©2016 By Gloria Barone Rosanio and Karina Pearse LaMalfa, illustrations by Jim Rosanio 

Cook with Dina, the Dinosaur Connoisseur and Her Dinosaur Friends.  This creative cookbook encourages children to cook and eat like the plant-eating dinosaurs.  By offering tasty plant-based recipes for families to try, the Dinosaur Connoisseur, Saber-Tooth Kitty and their dinosaur friends hope children will enjoy their food and grow up healthy and strong. Spiral bound so pages stay flat.

When a Dragon Wants a Drink

© 2017, By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio and Cedar Creek Elementary
School students

Dragons don’t ask for much. All they want are three things in life: drinks, baths and naps. But a thirsty, dirty, sleepy dragon must be handled just right. This book helps young children become good caretakers of their dragons by following instructions for pleasing their persnickety pets and bringing out the best in these lovable creatures.

Allie’s First Halloween on Earth

© 2018 By Gloria Barone Rosanio and
Payton Leigh Pettit,
illustrated by Jim Rosanio

While trick-or-treating for the first time on Earth, Allie stumbles into a Halloween party where the strangest creatures appear.  What’s worse, they all think Allie is wearing a costume.  Allie doesn’t understand what’s happening on this odd planet. The creatures don’t believe Allie is just being Allie’s alien self. Everyone is confused about what’s real.   Thankfully, the Talking Fish is there to help.

If Henry Could

©2021 by Gloria Barone Rosanio
illustrations by Jim Rosanio

Henry doesn’t remember anything.  Kiddo loves to play pretend. Can they be friends? Yes, they can.

Allie’s First Thanksgiving on Earth

©2022 By Gloria Barone Rosanio, illustrations by Jim Rosanio

Allie the Alien is back with an invitation to Thanksgiving on Earth.  Allie decides to bring a clam platter to Thanksgiving dinner, but there’s a big misunderstanding at the dinner table. Clams on Allie’s planet are meant to be admired, not eaten! After all, spaceships are designed after claims. Allie has to act fast to keep the clams safe during Thanksgiving.

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