What We Do

At Payton Press, we’re Story Catchers

Gloria Barone Rosanio and Jim Rosanio are the creative husband and wife team behind Payton Press who capture stories about healthy eating, caring for others, self-esteem and being true to oneself, and then we set those stories free to reach children with positive, colorful, thought-provoking messages.   Jim also provides illustration services to other authors looking for someone to bring their ideas to life, and can print books once they’re finished for those authors who choose to self-publish their work.

Author visits, events, and classes: Avery’s Authors is the division of Payton Press that provides author and artist visits from Gloria and Jim to elementary schools, book fairs, and community events.  Through Avery’s Authors, you can also schedule an individual writing or art class for your child or arrange for a small group class for your child with his or her friends, team, club, or other organization.

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