Dinosaurs in the Kitchen!

Dina the plant-eating Dinosaur loved giving dinner parties, but her friends were all allergic to something or were just picky eaters.  What’s a dinosaur connoisseur to do? Read how Dina solved her dinner dilemma with a new cookbook called Eat to Roar,   featuring Triceratops-approved recipes that all kids and families will want to try. Available at amazon.com!

Published by gloriabarone

Gloria Barone Rosanio has a Master’s degree in journalism from Penn State University and worked for many years as a newspaper editor and corporate communications director. She has taught journalism and writing at Emerson College in Boston and at Camden County College in New Jersey. Gloria’s essays have appeared in “Philadelphia Stories” literary magazine, More.com, and she writes a weekly blog for Skirt.com. Gloria is an author who loves telling stories and is inspired by the children in her life. She has taught writing and communication to people of all ages.

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