Dinosaurs in the Kitchen!

Dina the plant-eating Dinosaur loved giving dinner parties, but her friends were all allergic to something or were just picky eaters.  What’s a dinosaur connoisseur to do? Read how Dina solved her dinner dilemma with a new cookbook called Eat to Roar,   featuring Triceratops-approved recipes that all kids and families will want to try.Continue reading “Dinosaurs in the Kitchen!”

Events this week: great time to talk about books

Payton Press is proud to be taking part in several end-of-school-year events to talk about summer reading and what it’s like to be an author and illustrator. On June 3, we’ll be at career night at Memorial Middle School in Medford, NJ. On June 5, we’ll be at career day at Cedar Creek Elementary SchoolContinue reading “Events this week: great time to talk about books”

It’s Read Across America Day!

Happy Read Across America Day, a time to celebrate reading and books by recognizing the work of Dr. Seuss. Don’t let reading stop today – every day is a good day to read! Remember the book from Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the Places You Will Go” and travel to new and exciting places every time youContinue reading “It’s Read Across America Day!”